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Special screening of What We Did on Our Holiday to raise funds for Cancer Charity

30 September 2014
On Sunday 2nd November at 3pm, Strode Theatre is hosting a charity screening of What We Did on Our Holiday (cert. 12A), starring David Tennant, Rosamund Pike and Billy Connolly, which distributors Lionsgate UK have just brought out on general release across the UK to glowing reviews. The film’s producer Dan Winch has organised the screening in honour of his mum, who has myeloma, and all proceeds from the event will be donated to Myeloma UK. Dan will introduce the film at the Strode Theatre screening. Myeloma is a bone marrow cancer for which there is currently no cure, but there are many very effective treatments. Dan’s mum Carol was diagnosed with myeloma last year and is currently in remission. Dan said, “What we did on our Holiday was my first venture as a producer, so I’m delighted to be introducing the film in Somerset where my interest and love for the arts began. I’m even more delighted that I’ve an opportunity to help raise awareness of myeloma and support the work of Myeloma UK. I can’t begin to express in words my gratitude to Myeloma UK and the many medical professionals who have helped Mum, but I truly hope the screening at Strode will go some way towards thanking them‎.” Myeloma UK Chief Executive Eric Low OBE said, “Myeloma UK receives no government or NHS funding. It’s only through the generous support of people like Dan and his family that we are able to fund ground-breaking research, advocate for faster access to better treatments and provide myeloma patients and their families with the information and services they need. We are truly grateful for Dan’s commitment to our work helping patients live longer, better lives.” For more information and tickets, go to the booking page. EARLY BOOKING IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! For more information about myeloma and Myeloma UK, visit and follow @MyelomaUK on Twitter and Facebook. What we did on our Holiday is now on UK-wide release. To see the trailer, log on to Myelomalogo   < Back