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For Performers

If you’re visiting us, there are some technical questions you may have. Everything you need should be in this section, and if it isn’t, please let us know. Please note that equipment details may change due to renewals or breakages. It is therefore always advisable to treat this information as a guide only and to confirm the details with theatre manager or technical staff.

General Information

The theatre seats 343, 194 in the stalls and 149 in the balcony. The back row of the centre stalls is demountable to allow room for three wheelchairs. There is an induction loop covering the stalls from row C to the rear of the stalls and the entire balcony. There are three showers backstage, one of which is designed for wheelchair use. There are four dressing rooms, capable of accommodating 25 people.

Technical Data

Stage plans are available in PDF format. Please contact us for plans.


  • Maximum Capacity      343
  • Stalls                            194
  • Lower Balcony              76
  • Upper Balcony              73

The back row of the centre stalls is demountable to allow space for three wheelchairs plus companion seats. This row can also be used as a sound control position, please contact the technical department well in advance should you want to use this facility – they need to inform the box office before tickets go on sale.

Level access for wheelchairs through doors at front of auditorium, also induction loop covering stalls from Row D to the rear of the stalls and the entire balcony.

Orchestra Pit

Removable pit which is normally covered and forms part of the floor at the front of the stalls. Accommodates up to 23 Musicians and can be configured in various ways. Access to pit is via one of the under stage dressing rooms.


  • Proscenium Arch Stage: Black vinyl covered wood
  • Rake: No rake
  • Pros. Opening: 9.75m x 5.5m (w x h)
    32ft x 18ft apprx.
  • Performing Area: 9.75m x 6.4m (w x d)
    32ft x 21ft apprx.
  • Height to Grid: 9.4m
    31ft apprx.
  • Apron: 1.22m or 1.83m deep, by arrangement with tech dept.
  • Masking: Black Box
  • Tabs: Red & Gold house tabs, electrically operated from stage or LX box (fixed speed 10sec.) Black tabs US & CS manual pull from SL.
  • Cyclorama: Solid white painted wall
  • Crossovers: Behind cyc stage level and below stage.
  • Access: Exits to backstage USR & USL. Exit to scene dock USR. Steps into Auditorium
    SR & SL.

Up to a 1.6m (5’3″) extension can be added to the stage. This extension can also be made to be 1m (3’3″) wide.

For onstage use, we have four 8’x4′ aluminium decks, and four 8’x2′ aluminium decks.


  • 14 x Hemp sets (see attached plan for positions) 120Kg SWL per set.
  • 4 x internally wired LX bars, hand winched, 250Kg SWL.
  • 1 x cinema screen (various ratios), electric winch, use by arrangement only.


Control is via ETC ION with fader wing.

Situated in control room at the rear of the stalls, not open to auditorium. Strand LD90 dimmers. Rated at 2.5Kw (20 Hard-wired FOH, 6 in canopy, 9 hard-wired stage dips and 37 overhead stage). Patch for over-stage lighting is located on perch beneath fly-floor.

NB: FOH positions are on side wall perches and at the back of the auditorium. The only central rigging position is a small bar on the front of the balcony and is very low so tends to be ‘flat’.

2 x Followspots are available (Robert Juliat)

In-House lantern stock is as follows, but please check with tech dept first, as some lanterns may occasionally be unavailable:

  • 12 x SELECON Rama HP
  • 10 x STRAND Harmony F 1Kw
  • 6 x SELECON SPX 15/35
  • 6 x SELECON SPX 25/50
  • 18 x Par 64 1Kw (Fitted with CP62. CP61 and CP can be fitted on request although stock is limited)
  • 18 x SELECON SPX 15/30 800w (Rigged Permanently FOH, contact technicians if you require these moving)
  • 2 x ETC Source4 Jr 35/50 575w (canopy)
  • 6 x ETC Source4 Jr 26deg 575w (canopy)
  • 4 x COLORFORCE 72 LED Battens

A 63A three phase Distro:

  • 12 x 16A/1
  • 3 x 13A
  • 1 x Earth Strap
  • 3 x 32A/1
  • 1 x 32A/3

Other equipment can be sourced at extra cost, please check with technicians


If you require projection we are equipped with a Sanyo data projector which has inputs at the stage and also the lighting box.

We also have a Barco 2kw Digital Cinema Projector, which can be used for conferences and presentations. This also has inputs at the stage and Lighting box. However due to the brightness of this projector we can not allow its use if the performer stands in the beam. If you require this then we recommend the Data projector.


2 x clean 13A sockets either side of stage, 3 x clean 13A sockets on the front of stage, clean 13A sockets in the scene dock and a 32A supply is also located here, distro would need to be provided and one 13A socket located at rear of stalls.  House position is left rear of stalls under the balcony. We can also remove some seats at the rear centre of the stalls also under the balcony. This would need to be arranged with the theatre as soon as you book the venue.

The house sound system comprises of:

  • Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console, RIO 3224.
  • Nexo GEO S1230 & RS15 FOH Speakers & NX4x4 Amp.
  • Nexo GEO S1210 & S1230 Centre Cluster.
  • Nexo PS10 x2 (Balcony) and BSS speaker management system.
  • Nexo ID24 x4 – Front Fill speakers.
  • QSC K12 Powered Speakers x2.

Outboard equipment:

  • Tascam CD01U, Tascam MD 350.

Other equipment can be sourced at extra cost, please check with technician.


  • 6 x SM58, AKG Drum Mic Set. Others can be sourced at extra cost, please ask.


Show relay to all backstage dressing rooms apart from the band room, most have individual volume controls. Calls are a fixed level and override show relay. Stage Managers Desk located DSL. Cue lights to various positions, Comms to LX, Sound, Flys, Followspots, SR & SL.

Dressing Rooms

4 dressing rooms below stage and one behind stage (also used as props room and/or crossover). 3 showers, 3 toilets.

Backstage disabled access available.


For any further technical enquiries please contact us by email or phone 01458 844474