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What's on at Strode Theatre

THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH (U) Thursday 28 October 7:30PM
  • Director: Basil Dearden
  • Tickets: £8.50 / £7.50 / £5
  • With: Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, Margaret Rutherford, Peter Sellers

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In this not-quite-Ealing comedy (it includes much of the cast and production team of later Ealing Comedy classics such as The Ladykillers and Passport to Pimlico), Jean (McKenna) and Matt (Travers) are a struggling couple. Out of the blue, they receive a telegram informing them that Matt’s long-lost uncle has died and left them a cinema in the town of Sloughborough. They pack their bags and travel to Sloughborough expecting to sell the cinema to gain a huge inheritance; only to discover a cinema falling apart and run by comically incompetent staff who seem to have worked there forever...

“The cast alone makes the movie a must-see, and the sequence in which projectionist Peter Sellers, pianist Margaret Rutherford and doorman Bernard Miles relive the glories of the silent era is adorable.”
David Parkinson, Radio Times.
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