IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: PATH OF BLOOD (18), advertised for Monday 15th October, has been rescheduled due to technical reasons. The new date is Wednesday 24th October.

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PATH OF BLOOD (18) Rescheduled!
PATH OF BLOOD (18) Rescheduled! Monday 15 October 7:45PM
Wednesday 24 October 7:45PM
  • Country: UK 2018
  • Director: Jonathan Hacker
  • Runtime: 1hr 32mins
  • Screening: Please note: NEW DATE!
  • Tickets: £8.50, Concessions £7.50
  • Venue: STUDIO

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Apologies, but due to technical difficulties, this screening has to be POSTPONED.
The NEW screening date is Wednesday 24th October, 7.45pm

A powerful and at times shocking cinematic experience, Path of Blood reveals how youths, fuelled by idealism and the misguided pursuit of adventure, can descend into madness and carnage. Raw footage drawn from jihadi home-movies discovered by Saudi security services, captures young thrill-seekers at a jihadi “boot camp” deep in the desert. They plot to detonate car bombs in Riyadh, become embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with government forces and, as plans unravel, resort to ever more brutal tactics.

Adopting an objective approach, the film contains no interviews or “talking heads”. The home video footage was shot by the jihadists themselves, allowing viewers to see them in all their complexity, while compelling audiences to draw their own conclusions.

BBFC Insight: graphic images of real dead bodies, injuries and violence
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