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What's on at Strode Theatre

INNA DE YARD (12A) Friday 11 October 7:45PM
  • Country: France 2019
  • Director: Peter Webber
  • Runtime: 1hr 39mins
  • Tickets: £8.50, Conc. £7.50, Under-25s £5.50, incl. 50p cmsn.
  • With: Ken Boothe, Derajah, Kiddus

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A house filled with old vinyls perches on the hilltops of Kingston, surrounded by the ancient and impressive Jamaican scenery; its terrace overlooking the hills. We hear the sound of percussion, a few guitar chords, brass and piano. Reggae vocals slice through the air, soaring into the mountains, and setting Jamaica alight with the music that has made it famous across the world.

On this very terrace, legendary voices of reggae unite to record an album: Ken Boothe, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I, Cedric Myton, The Viceroys and Judy Mowatt. Reminiscent of Buena Vista Social Club Peter Webber’s (Girl With A Pearl Earring) lively and heart-warming film invites us on a visceral and musical voyage, to discover reggae and some of the most colourful people who create and perform it every day.
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