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HONEYLAND (12A) Sunday 13 October 3:30PM
  • Country: Republic of Macedonia 2019
  • Director: Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov
  • Language: Turkish
  • Runtime: 1h 27m
  • Tickets: £8.50, Conc. £7.50 incl. 50p cmsn.
  • Venue: STUDIO
  • With: Hatidze Muratova

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In a deserted Macedonian village, Hatidze and her aged mother survive on an ancient way of harvesting honey from wild bee colonies. Serenading them with a secret chant, Hatidze gently manoeuvres the honeycomb without netting or gloves, and always leaves half for the bees to survive on. But her peaceful kingdom has been invaded: an itinerant family with their 150 cows have established themselves next door. However much Hatidze welcomes the company, her new neighbours’ lifestyle and farming practices soon threaten to destroy her way of life forever.

Made over three years of meticulous observation, this stunning and poignant documentary has won an unprecedented three awards at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
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