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On International Women's Day, don't miss this varied programme of short documentaries from around the world. From girls taking their education in hand in the mountains of Northern Pakistan to a Hollywood starlet turned defender of wilderness and mischievous rabble-rouser; from the rivers of Greenland, where a mother is passing her passion for fishing on to her young daughter, to a British woman's quest to make friends with her body again through wild swimming; these are just some of the moving, delightful and fascinating stories told in 8 contemporary shorts, from which anyone (woman or man, young or old) in need of an emotional boost or a change from their every-day rut, can draw inspiration.

Life of Pie
Duration: 11m

Singletrack shredders and pizza chefs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller have transformed their town into a mountain biking hotspot with their Hot Tomato Café. It wasn’t easy at first — some conservative residents weren’t quite ready for their 'lifestyle'. But they are now indispensable members of the community.

Girls Selection
Director: Kathryn Everett
Duration: 12m

Life is hard in remote northern Pakistan – especially for women, who face significant cultural, economic, and geographic barriers to opportunity and education. For the first time, girls in the region are challenging tradition for their right to go to school.

My Mom Vala
Director: RC Cone
Duration: 10m

Rivers run through Vala Árnadóttir's blood and she’s teaching her daughter Mathilda everything she knows. This short film paints the fantastical and mysterious country of Greenland through Mathilda's fantasies and Vala's eyes.

Director: Boryana Ivanova
Duration: 4m

Once a swimming champion in Syria, now Sarah finds herself on a broken boat in the Mediterranean. She knows that this will be the most important race she will ever compete in. The prize - saving her own life and the life of her sister.

Duration: 10m

Katie Lee was many things: Hollywood starlet turned river rat, guitar-wielding folk singer, uncompromising defender of wilderness and mischievous rabble-rouser. This short film pays tribute to a life shaped by beauty, adventure and the sorrow of a paradise lost, but most of all by uninhibited passion.

Director: Rachel Pikelny
Duration: 16m

Captures the journey of a 36-year-old suburban soccer mom and breast cancer survivor who decides to reclaim her body by covering her mastectomy scars with an elaborate tattoo. Directed by a recent breast cancer survivor and created by an all-female crew.

Director: Andrew Margetson
Duration: 3m

A strikingly intimate study of the great classical ballerina Marianela Nuñez as she dances to Nina Simone, choreographed by Will Tuckett.

My Big White Thighs and Me
Director: Hannah Maia
Duration: 25m

A young-ish woman has fallen out of love with her own body. Frustrated, she wishes they didn’t have to hang out quite so much. Committed to making a change she sets herself the simple goal of swimming in open water at least once a month for a year.
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